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Taking Noi to USA: Christmas 2017

You have no idea what it takes to travel until you try and get a Filipino into the USA and obtain a travel visa. What an endeavor. But just look at photos. It was worth it.

The visa.

  1. Application for an appointment at the US Embassy in Manila and visa fee.
  2. Documentation to be obtained from bank in USA and air mailed to Philippines
  3. Trip from Palawan to US Embassy in Manila for two.
  4. Overnight accommodations, meals, transportation, and air fare.
  5. First denial and file case for reconsideration.
  6. Second trip to Manila for second attempt. 
All told the US visa to get Noli to come back to the USA with me took about 80 hours of work, 3 air plane trips and about a total of $1,000 US in expenses. 

We booked our air fare months in advance to the US and found the cheapest way to go was:

  1. Puerto Princesa to Cebu to get the exit visa so I could leave the Philippines. After being in the Philippines for more than 6 months you must go back to the original city you came into and apply to leave.
  2. Cebu to Seoul Korea. This is a rather cheap flight on Air Asia
  3. Seoul to Shanghai. 
  4. Shanghai to Chicago.
  5. Chicago to Detroit.
Well that is what happens when you move 1/2 around the world. And my mother wonders why I don't come home more often. 

Captain Philip and Noli in Michigan

I may rethink my idea of bringing vessel to Michigan

Nothing like an outdoor pool in winter.


See you aboard!
Captain Philip and Noli

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