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HOT BuOYS SV: Seen from space

HOT BuOYS SV is so big we have no problem finding it on Google Earth. In fact sometimes we find it at different ports at the same time since the images are not live. Watch as we zoom in and see the detail you can observe from space.

Our mostly blue planet. A good thing we have a sailboat.

Zooming in we arrive at SE Asia our sailing grounds. Most of the trips coming up in 2018-2020 can be seen here. In late October 2018 we leave Palawan and head to Phuket Thailand with stops in Kota Kinabalu, Brunei, Miri, Singapore, Port Dickson and Langkawi. In 2019 we head to Singapore and up to Cambodia and Vietnam and then back to the Philippines. In 2020 it is off to Palau and Yap then up to Taiwan.

Zooming into the Philippines we can see the long island named Palawan. In June 2018 we will be sailing to the island of Cagayancillo for the second time.

Palawan is rather narrow. Before we leave from Puerto Princesa we will go across to the West Coast to see the Underground River. It is just a short van ride. 

Puerto Princesa Bay and Puerto Princesa City, airport on right

In this view both HOT BuOYS SV and the Abanico Yacht Club can be seen. 

The size of HOT BuOYS SV really stands out in this shot compared to other yachts. All the yachts in the photo have crossed the ocean and some have gone all the way around the world. However, only one yacht offers the most shoulder room to relax and read a book or play the piano.

And finally the highest resolution picture from space. The front is to the right. The Starboard side is at the bottom. Behind the vessel there is a kayak still in the water after returning from a trip to shore.

On our boat, which is registered in Hawaii USA we use the traditional Hawaiian words .

The main hull called the aa'a is in the center. The two smaller hulls are called the ama. Each ama is connected to the wa'a with three arms called the aka.

See you aboard!
Captain Philip and Noli

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