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Hot Boys on HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel

The hottest man aboard HOT BuOYS SV is the captain's husband Noli. See more pictures of Noli as well as the runners up. Enjoy. Sometimes the best view is on the boat itself.

Captain Philip's husband Noli

Not all the crew on Hot Buoys are guys. This is my team sailing from Malaysia to Philippines.
For Thailand to Philippines we are expecting a mix of guys girls and gay guys.

Noli loves hot underwear

 Suited up

Noli at the beach
I met Noli on his farm, he captured my attention.

James is a full Filipino captain

James, Marcus, Andy sailing around Palawan

And he gave a great massage too!

Ivo joined the boat in Palau

My two best fisherman at work. These two sailed with me to the Philippines
Ryan, prided his white milky white skin, and muscles too

Ray sailed from Marshall Islands all the way to Phuket Thailand

Sebastien loved the camera. 

Best to hire Filipino workers in groups

 I frequently search for crew members at the gym.

Andy sailed with me on Infinity SV.   He is the captain of a superyacht.  

Ivo wears the yellow hat.

Ryan at port Carmen in Cebu

Ryan was another show off

Jude and Ryan were a set and hired together.

Jude in the yellow hat checks work in engine room
See you aboard!
Captain Philip and Noli

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