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History of HOT BuOYS Sailing 2009 to Present

All big adventures have a beginning. This adventure began with a conversation at a beach in Hawaii. Let this story be a caution to you. Beware of striking up conversations on the beach!  You never know where the conservation may lead you.

"I sailed here." The handsome naked man said. "I built my sailboat and sailed to Hawaii." I never knew such a thing was possible. I mentioned it to a client. He told me:

"I sailed to Hawaii too. So did your neighbor."

Suddenly, I was finding many people traveled in ways far more interesting than I did. I was just a typical get on a plane and stay in a hotel guy.

Soon I was obsessed with the idea of breaking free from the bonds of conventional travel and setting sail. Everyone said:

  • Do it now!
  • If you wait, the moment will pass you by. 

I bought the entire rack of used books on sailing, and started to look at more boat porn than gay porn.

In 2008 I researched new boats at the Miami Boat Show. I also sailed from Hawaii to Canada aboard a small monohull sailboat and learned I loved it.

In 2009 I set sail aboard a big sailboat leaving from Thailand and heading to Hawaii. I didn't make it the entire way. Along the route I ran across this...

This is HOT BuOYS SV when it was under sail in the Marshall Islands. At the time the original owners and builders were aboard. However, health forced them to stop sailing and they were stuck there until they could sell. I bought the vessel and sailed it back to Thailand for renovations.

See you aboard!
Captain Philip and Noli

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