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Details of HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel and Crew

On the sea, size matters. 

Specifications of HOT BuOYS SV
  • Length: 22 meter (65ft)
  • Width: 12 meters (40ft)
  • Gross registered tonnage: 70 ton
  • Anchor: 70 kilos
  • Engine: 150 HP

So what do the numbers above mean? More room for you, and a more pleasant ride. 

The pilot house and salon down below comfortably protect the maximum 8 guests that we allow per trip. Two king size bunks and 4 single bunks. Every bunk has a cooling fan as well as reading light. We have 900 watts of solar to power the watermaker and your laptops.

If the winds are low, please be assured there is an adequately sized engine to power us to our destination. The engine is kept in top notch condition with a full set of spares.

The crew:

Captain Philip purchased HOT BuOYS SV in 2009 and has sailed her 1/2 across the Pacific as well as to and from Thailand several times. He knows every square inch of the vessel and would be happy to teach you as much or as little of the vessel operation as you would like to know.


Captain Philip is on the left and Captain Noli is the guy not wearing a Filipino hat on the right. Philip and Noli have been sailing together for four years and look forward to welcoming you to their floating home on the sea. Depending on the trip, there may be one or two additional crew members to assist in the galley, and to keep the vessel clean.  

Above we are getting ready to leave for a trip. Captain Philip is up on the mast. Noli is on the kayak. The barrels on the deck are for extra shower wash water.

The right expectation level

Captain Philip does not claim this is a luxury yacht. Instead it is a comfortable cruising vessel. It has kept everyone safe, well fed, and showered, across the Pacific. Safely arriving is of course the primary goal. It also nice not to be hungry or smell like a sailor. 

Certainly, everyone likes fine dining. There will be opportunities when we are staying at a yacht club like the Admiral Yacht Club pictured above. Please be aware that when a sailboat of this size travels for an extended period of time, meals have to be kept simple and wholesome out of necessity. This said we will attempt to surprise you with what we can do with our full size galley including an Italian oven. If you want to try your hand and prepare a meal, by all means, tell us so we can shop for the ingredients. 

The decks are white and insulated. This means the vessel is almost always nice and cool even in full sun. Additionally, the temperature is regulated with fans and evaporative coolers.

We don’t advertise this as being a “nude” trip. The reason is there will be times and places that nudity is acceptable, and where it is not acceptable. Further, some countries frown upon nudity. Captain Philip is a naturist. He certainly has no problem with nudity. Noli, his husband, loves his fancy underwear. Just don’t expect to see them off. He is a bit shy.   

Minimum health requirement
Hot Buoys has hosted a wide range of crew with disabilities. This said, it is important that you be in nominally good health. At a minimum you should be able to pull yourself from a seated position into a standing position using your arms.

Please note the large steps with hand rail. We had a guest with
one leg that had no problem with these steps.
One disability which we cannot tolerate is getting drunk, fighting with other crew, or any illegal drugs of any nature. Make sure any prescriptions you have are kept in their original bottles from the drug store. Bring a doctor’s prescription especially if it is a pain killer.

If you are not a good swimmer, wear a life jacket when going to shore.

Everyone is expected to help operate the vessel. We have an excellent autopilot so this basically means looking around every so often and checking to see if we are still on course. You will not have to sit and steer unless you want to. Almost all trip segments have at least some night time sailing, however, with the number of people aboard, each shift is usually only 2 to 3 hours. Don’t worry, you will not be asked to operate the vessel on your own if you are uncomfortable. 

Further, the captain sleeps right next to the helm during a night passage and can be awakened to ask any questions. Even dumb questions.

Twice, Captain Phil was awakened by crew who saw a big ship on the horizon near dawn. The crew were amazed when he was able to them the name of the vessel at a glance. On both occasions the name was Venus. 

If your disability is one of experience, then you are in luck. Captain Philip has found over the years that inexperienced crew members make the best crew members. Why? They tend to ask questions, they don’t assume something is supposed to work the way they are used to it, and are interested in learning.

Give us a heads up if you have questions about medical conditions or special diets. Telling us before you arrive is the best time for us to make any necessary accommodations. We have yet to sail with anyone legally blind, however, do not think it would be a problem.
This is the tropics, however, we do not recommend anti-malaria drugs. We do recommend removal of wet clothes and keeping your skin clean and dry. We travel with several types of antibiotics and creams if you get a skin infection just in case.