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15% Premium for cash upon arrival


Available discounts:
We offer three different discounts:

  1. Trip length: The longer you sail with us, the lower our costs. We pass the savings to you. Your 2nd segment sailing with us is discounted about 25%. Each additional segment is discounted even more. 
  2. Reservation deposit: This discount is already factored into our pricing. Therefore, if you elect not to make a reservation deposit, you can pay when you arrive at the vessel at a 15% premium. A discount for making a deposit is already factored into our pricing. Therefore, if you elect not to make a deposit, it is actually a premium. 
  3. Method of deposit: There are 4 deposit methods that have lower cost of money.

Here is a sample print out from the booking engine we use.  It is a sample trip from Puerto Princesa as far as Singapore. The booking engine has discounted the two additional segments. The accurate reservation deposit is circled.

How to obtain discounts:

The length of sailing discount is factored into the pricing you will get from the booking engine. The reservation deposit discount is also already factored into the pricing. If you elect not to make the deposit there is a 15% premium.

To obtain an extra 5% discount for method of deposit, you can use:

  1. PayPal service called and your credit card or bank transfer to PayPal.
  2. Direct wire deposit into the account of Captain Philip.
  3. Remittance provider like The booking engine does not reflect an extra 5% discount if you elect to make your reservation deposit using 

Instructions to obtain 5% discount using
This option allows you to use your PayPal account, Credit Card, or Bank Account. Detailed instructions are found on this page:   PayPal's service

Instructions to wire deposit to obtain 5% discount: 
A direct wire can be set up by contacting Captain Philip who will reply with his account details. This set of instructions is found on a separate page. In the contact form below provide your trip details so he can reply with the correct amount for the deposit.

Instruction to use remittance provider to obtain 5% discount:
There are perhaps 100 different companies offering options to move money to SE Asia. In general you may have to

1. You can continue with the booking engine and enter your PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer to make the required deposit. Alternately, you can get another discount if you want to pay using options 2-5. Option 6 allows you to pay no deposit at all and wait till you are at the vessel. However, there is a premium to go with option 6.

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2. A 5% discounted rate using and your PayPal account, Credit Card, or Bank Account.

3. A 5% discounted rate is also available to residents in the Philippines that utilize any branch of  M Lhuillier. Send funds to Philip Maise phone 0915-787-9364 Puerto Princesa. Send in USD if possible. PHP (Peso) is acceptable.

4. A 5% discounted rate is available if you use remittance service like Western Union, or Palawan Express. Direct funds to Philip Maise phone 0915-787-9364 Puerto Princesa. Send in USD if possible. PHP (Peso) is acceptable.

5. You can wire funds directly to Philip Maise's bank. Request account and routing number by email and confirm amount in advance. 

6. A 15% premium rate if wish to make a cash payment in USD currency at the vessel. The main risk for this option is priority is given to people that make a deposit.  Be sure all bills are in new condition and latest series. Send us an email indicating which trip you are coming on. We will keep you informed if we are close to full and if there is a risk you will arrive and the bunk has been sold. You will need to provide us with evidence that you have at least purchased an airplane ticket.

Note: Captain Philip had problems with Euro's in the past when someone came on a trip carrying large Euro notes. He was stuck holding onto the notes until he reached a country where they were accepted. Therefore, only USD please. 

But how can you be sure?
It is always good to be cautious with your funds. So exactly who is Captain Philip?

  • Captain Philip is Philip Maise, you can Google his name Philip Maise.
  • These two searches show many years of association between Philip Maise and his vessel.
  • You can also get independent confirmation and the US Coast Guard Documentation for the vessel. Enter vessel name Hot Buoys and notice it has been owned many years by Philip Maise.  
  • If you want to call for a reference. You can check the Abanico Yacht Club in Puerto Princesa Palawan. They will confirm Philip Maise is currently preparing his vessel to go to Thailand.
  • Another good indication is the website  Notice his profile, # 149158, has been active since October 2009. 
  • Note: If you really do your digging deeply, you will notice there are not very many references on Findacrew.  There is a good explanation for that. For many years, Captain Philip has hired Filipino crew for his vessel. Further, he has utilized couch surfers and backpackers who are able to travel at the last second. 

Thailand to Cambodia, Vietnam, & Philippines
(June-August 2019)
  • In May 2019, the vessel will be hauled out of the water and repainted. The exact date the vessel will be back in the water again is not set in stone. The current target dates are as follows:
    • June 3-10, 2019 Phuket to Langkawi
    • June 11-16, 2019 Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur (Port Dickson)
    • June 18-23, 2019 Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
    • June 26-July 1, 2019 Pulau Tioman National Island Marine Park
    • July 4-12 Tioman to Ko Samui via Chukai Town
    • July 16-22 Thailand to Cambodia
    • July 23-28 Cambodian coastline
    • August 1-15 Cambodia to Vietnam
    • August 16-24 Vietnam to Port Barton and El Nido Palawan the Philippines
    • August 26-30 Coron, Palawan
    • August 31-September 4, Coron to Puerto Princesa Palawan
  • If more than 6 months before the trip, and you joined us on a previous trip, your spot will be held at no charge. Just tell us which segments are of most interest. If the segment starts to fill up with guys who placed a deposit, you will be alerted and asked to make a 200 Euro deposit per segment.
  • If more than 6 months in advance, and you have not sailed with us before, make a 200 Euro deposit per segment. 
  • If less than 6 months in advance, a 50% deposit is required.
  • 2 months before departure the balance of payment is due.

Philippines, Palau, Yap, Guam, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan
(April 2020 to December 2021)

  • This will be Captain Philip's third trip to Palau. At this time no reservations are being accepted. Email him if interested so he can keep in touch as plans develop further. 

Captain Philip in Palau
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