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Hot Buoys adventure trips: What is your dream?

You want a secluded clothing optional beach in paradise? We sail you there.

HOT Buoys Sailing SE Asia trip Sep-Nov 2018 Overview

Puerto Princess Palawan to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia

10 or 11 Days, September 30 till October 10, 2018
Puerto Princesa Cathedral

Kota Kinabalu to Miri via Brunei

3 to 10 Days, October 9-18, 2018
Poring Hot Spring Mt. Kinabalu

Miri Malaysia to Singapore (Sebana Cove)

10 Days October 16-25, 2018

Still under construction the last time
Captain Philip visited Singapore

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Port Dickson)

8 Days October 24-31, 2018

Kuala Lumpur (Port Dickson) to Langkawi Malaysia

6, or 7 Days, October 31 - November 5,6 2018
Sky Bridge in Langkawi

Langkawi Malaysia to Phuket Thailand

7 Days, November 4, till 9 or 10, 2018

Phuket Thailand to Langkawi

6 or 7 Days November 11 till 16 or 17, 2018

HOT BuOYS SV: Seen from space

HOT BuOYS SV is so big we have no problem finding it on Google Earth. In fact sometimes we find it at different ports at the same time since the images are not live. Watch as we zoom in and see the detail you can observe from space.

Drone video shot of vessel: Wedding photography

Recently a Filipino tour guide asked if he could use HOT BuOYS SV for wedding photographs. We said sure but then....
A very handsome couple! What you don't see is that a third person is in the photograph. Look really closely at the trail behind her. See the hand way in the back making sure her dress flows nicely outward? I wonder if Monroe had here dress held up too?

Hot Boys on HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel

The hottest man aboard HOT BuOYS SV is the captain's husband Noli. See more pictures of Noli as well as the runners up. Enjoy. Sometimes the best view is on the boat itself.

Captain Philip's husband Noli

Taking Noi to USA: Christmas 2017

You have no idea what it takes to travel until you try and get a Filipino into the USA and obtain a travel visa. What an endeavor. But just look at photos. It was worth it.

Details of HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel and Crew

Long term plans

Thailand to Cambodia, Vietnam, & Philippines
(June-August 2019)

Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Refund, & Cancellation Policies

The remotest island in Palawan: Cagayancillo 2016

When you own a private yacht, even the most remote islands are reachable. My husband Noli, I, and my crew aboard Hot Buoys, sailed to Cagayancillo in 2016. This island in the middle of the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. It can only be reached by tourists with great difficulty. There is no regular plane service and one ferry runs sporadically. Once you get there you will find no lodging and almost nothing to buy. In short to make it a comfortable trip, take your sailboat, or find someone who already has one to tag along.

History of HOT BuOYS Sailing 2009 to Present

All big adventures have a beginning. This adventure began with a conversation at a beach in Hawaii. Let this story be a caution to you. Beware of striking up conversations on the beach!  You never know where the conservation may lead you.

Long term trip plans Summer 2019 -2021

Thailand to Cambodia, Vietnam, & Philippines
(June-August 2019)

HOT BuOYS surviving a typhoon: We did it the smart way! 2013

If you only watch the news channel, you might believe that typhoons hit everywhere and anytime in SE Asia. They don't. Rest assured we don't go sailing when there could be a typhoon.  The more detailed explanation involves learning about weather and how to defend the vessel in a typhoon. We did it the smart way, we secured the vessel in a protected harbor.

Diving the wreck of the HMS Viscount Melbourne in 2012

When you own your own sailboat, you get to do things your average tourist can only dream of. I met Hans and Rose Berekoven at the Miri Yacht Club. They discovered the wreck of the HMS Viscount Melbourne. It was a 3-masted schooner on the way to China. Have a look at what we found inside.

HOT BuOYS haul-out in Phuket Thailand 2010

I have sailed in Phuket Thailand now three times. Twice aboard HOT BuOYS SV and once aboard Infinity SV. If you own a big sailboat, it is almost impossible to live in SE Asia without going to Phuket every few years. It is the only economical place to haul out a very wide multihull that simply won't fit at most marinas.

Its big!

HOT BuOYS Sailing trip to Palau in 2010

Of all the places I have been, no place has captivated me more than Palau.  After the tourists crowded into rural Hawaii, many fled to find the peace in Palau. Owning my own sailboat has meant I have been able to experience Palau without a single sole for miles around.